motivational monday

Motivational Monday

Remember that you can start a new journey at any point in your life.

new path
Remember that you are always free to start a new path.
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My travel bucket list

As much as I would love to travel full time, I can’t. However, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of the many different locations I would love to visit in the future.

  1. Cuba: I would love to visit Cube before it becomes overridden with tourists and American ideals. I want to see all of the classic cars lined up against the Havana sunset and enjoy authentic Cuban food in someones backyard.
  2. Costa Rica: I have come across so many people that have traveled to Costa Rica and have spoken so highly of this island that it has sparked my interest. All of the photos I have seen had stirred such a feeling of wanderlust that I am willing to risk the humidity. Bryan (my boyfriend) and I have decided that there would be the perfect honeymoon spot for us. It offers something that we are both interested in. Relaxing beaches for him and adventurous activities for me. I am looking forward to being able to enjoy this beautiful island for myself in the future.
  3. Iceland: Bryan and I have discussed visiting Iceland for a while now. The natural beauty and free thinking citizens have always intrigued us. I look forward to one day being able to witness the beautiful glaciers, waterfalls, and green pastures.
  4. Thailand: Thailand has become more of a recent addition to my bucket list, but the more I look into this beautiful country and all it has to offer, the more intrigued I become. Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknow drove me to finally add this beautiful location to my bucket list. If you don’t watch the show, you need too!
  5. Russia: To be honest, the likelihood of getting to Russia right now is slim. Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of visiting Russia.  It all started when I read Anastasia. I know, I know…I’m so nerdy, but its true. I dream to see Saint Petersburg with its beautiful palaces and rich history.

I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and places you would like to travel too! Feel free to share in the comments!

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How do you deal with negative self talk?

Hello world! I have anxiety, depression, and I struggle with negative self talk and remembering to be positive because my mind instantly goes to the worst case scenario. The last few days haven’t been the greatest. My stress level is high and I’m picking fights with my SO, which is never a good thing. I feel that everyone goes through these moments from time to time. My question to you sounds simple but I know it can be so much harder to answer. I wanted to know how you deal with negative self-talk and what you do to help you stay positive. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! This is really hard for me because I’ve never been so public about my anxiety and how it affects me, but I hope that being open will help others as well.